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Pro Bono Publico Work

We are a boutique law firm that specialises in refugee law and immigration law.

Our clients pay fees for our legal expertise and we accept legal aid work.

We have a policy to accept certain cases where legal aid is not available and the client is unable to make payment. There must be shown a very limited capacity to pay a fee because of employment or health issues. The issue in dispute at law must involve a strong element of being an issue to benefit the public.

In these particular cases, legal work is undertaken without charge when the legal work is in the public good. Essentially, this is where society benefits from the work carried out in such cases.

We accept from time to time such cases because of the interests of justice, to advance the law, or because of compelling humanitarian reasons that are for the betterment of the public and where there is a reasonable chance of success.

This means that in certain circumstances we waive fees for legal work involving: -

  • Ministerial appeals when we ask the Minister to intervene.

  • Removal Review Authority appeals when we ask the Removal Review Authority to accept the merits of an appeal.

  • Residential Review Board appeals when we seek a decision.

  • Deportation Review Tribunal work when we take an appeal seeking that a residentís permit is not quashed and the claimant may remain a resident in New Zealand when it is not contrary to the interests of the public.

  • Judicial reviews to the High Court on questions of law.

  • Section 35A requests to the Immigration Service.

  • Treaty of Waitangi work when there is an issue of law.

  • Mental Health issues before the Review Tribunal or High Court when there is a failure to comply with procedures or an issue of law.

  • Family cases where children are at risk.

  • Civil cases with an issue of law that has not been argued or determined

This law firm has very strong ties to the community, particularly the migrant and refugee community and we undertake work for them at no cost and we participate fully in attempts to ensure that migrants and refugees are able to re-settle.

This firm has a long history of pro bono publico work and we continue that commitment to clients and the public.

If you believe that you are unable to pay fees and may fit the above criteria, please contact the writer.  We advise that we first must consider whether a client is able to afford fees and we must consider whether such work benefits society. 

Our firm then makes a decision as to whether or not we are able to accept instructions and provide pro bono publico work.

Each particular case is considered on its merits and not all cases will be able to be undertaken pro bono publico.  The cases taken will be within the firmís expertise and only if the firm can devote the time necessary to the legal work involved.

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