Our Staff

• Carole Curtis

Carole is the principal lawyer for the firm and a senior member of the immigration law team. She is a specialist in all aspects of human rights law. The law firm is a member of the New Zealand Law Society, NZILA and NZAMI. Carole has practised law for more than 25 years and is able to work and negotiate with Government Agencies as well as community groups in New Zealand.

Carole specialises in:

  • All aspects of immigration law
  • All residence applications
  • All aspects of refugee law from first level to appeals and beyond
  • Deportation law
  • High Court judicial reviews and appeals through to the Supreme Court
  • Mental health law
  • Family law
  • Criminal law
  • Civil law
  • Immigration and criminal discharges without conviction

Carole is also responsible for Immigration applications. We assist with the provision of New Zealand and Australian students visas. Carole also works with Skilled Migrant, Investor as well as Long Term Business Visa applications.


• Trevor Zohs

Trevor is a staff solicitor and was former Head of the English Department of a large Auckland school.

Trevor particularly specialises in:

  • All aspects of immigration law
  • High Court work
  • Medical waivers
  • Family reunification
  • Refugee Law

We also specialise in all aspects of Immigration Deportation issues. When it goes wrong wit an immigration matter and migrants face the reality of Deportation Liability Notices, we negotiate with INZ for a successful resolution and also represent clients in appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal

Reported decisions on the Immigration Protection Tribunal can be found at "decisions" on the Immigration and Protection website below

On this website there are many decisions reported where the firm has represented clients at all stages of the immigration process

We specialise in all aspects of Refugee and Protection claims and appeals at the Refugee Status Branch and at the Immigration Protection Tribunal

When appropriate we represent clients for Appeals or Judicial Reviews from the High Court through to the Supreme Court