Welcome to Marshall Bird & Curtis

We are a law firm that provides comprehensive legal advice and assistance. Clients often have a variety of different legal problems and we assist each client to find the appropriate solution. Our specialist areas of law mean that we see clients who are often distressed, frightened and confused by the situation that has occurred. We offer full legal support and where necessary referrals to appropriate agencies that can help with the resolution of their immigration problems and difficulties.

The Law Firm specialises in Business, Student and Skilled Migrant immigration law. We ensure that every business plan meets NZIS residence criteria. To date, we have achieved a 100% success with business client applications.

In addition, Marshall Bird & Curtis specialises in assisting migrants who qualify for residence under the Priority Skills and Shortages criteria. We work to assist migrants who seek to live in New Zealand because of a genuine relationship with a NZ resident. We also help bring family members from overseas to New Zealand.


  • We do legal aid work for refugee/deportation/criminal/civil appeals
  • We do s 61 applications and ministerial applications for special directions
  • We handle deportation liability notices (Compliance)and deportation orders (IPT)


Marshall Bird & Curtis has a unique relationship with education providers and we assist International Students to come to New Zealand to be enrolled at all levels of education, from primary to tertiary level.

The law firm specialises in every aspect of immigration law including complex issues relating to the grant of residence and the full range of visa categories, including:

• Investor visas

• Family visas for:

  • Partnership/parent category
  • Children
  • Temporary entry
  • Culturally arranged marriages
  • Character and medical waivers
  • Identity issues
  • Skilled migrant visa
  • Business and Investment

We also specialise in appeals and judicial reviews from the High Court through to the Supreme Court. We particularly specialise in immigration appeals from the Immigration and Protection Tribunal including appeals against deportation for character issues.

We have vast experience acting for deportation issues for clients who have difficulties with immigration applications and some of those issues involve criminal charges for fraud and misrepresentation and we also deal with every aspect of the immigration process.

We particularly specialise in refugee and protection law at the Refugee Status Branch level where is commenced with a Confirmation of Claim form and also on appeal at the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

The Refugee Status Branch website is

The Tribunal website is

We assist refugees well after the grant of refugee status to try to ensure that they settle and have happy lives in New Zealand.

Some of our appeal decision cases have been reported on the Immigration and Protection website:

We work hard to ensure settlement outcomes and for immigration clients we work to determine a successful strategy to make migration to New Zealand as smooth as possible.


Areas Of Practice


We ensure that every business plan meets NZIS residence criteria.


We assist International Students to come to New Zealand to be enrolled at all levels of education


We assist migrants who qualify for residence under all aspects of NZIS criteria.


Our specialist's are experienced in the immigration and deportation process.


We help refugees and people seeking asylum in New Zealand.

Criminal and mental Health

We aim to improve mental health outcomes for children and young people, and their families.


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